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                    ~passing by the other shore~ 2013

90 min.

The tale is about Izou Tachibana, a powerful ninja clan leader who hovers between life and death in the midst of a battle. He is waging a desperate campaign to ignite a revolution for the citizens of feudal Japan. Caught in the limbo between worlds, he confronts the people of his life – living and dead – whom he feels responsible for, some of whom still want revenge.In this multimedia performance of spirits and characters, projections and puppets, ninjas and wanderers; our story unfolds with humor, love, revenge, and life-or-death decisions. In Japanese and English, with English subtitles projected.Collaborators: Noka Productions (Video Projections), Jiro Ueno and Asuka Morinaga (Actors), Mariko Hayashi and Natsuko Hayashi (Puppeteers), and Takeshi Miyazima (Kuroko)I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me.


         ~when the torrent takes their lives~ 2011

90 min. 

The time is about 400 years ago in Japan, when the Edo period just begun. A wanted man who slaughters so many people like nothing is a younger son of a feudal load, who rebels against the tyrant father and the society. In an irreparable crack, an older son suffers to mediate the peace or any solution between the father and younger son. But, there is a family story behind which is an irony of samurai baffled by and trying to survive in rapidly changing era…

The live musicians with traditional Japanese instruments enrich the play with a collaborator  Dr. Sean Reed, Director of Brass Studies at New York University. It is a samurai drama with a lot of physical actions, cultural interests, and distinct music.

Collaborators: Dr. Sean Reed, Kae Reed, and Carol Morgan (Musicians), Jiro Ueno, Asuka Morinaga, and Ryosuke Yamada (Actors)


Scattered Lives 2009

New York International Fringe Festival


The sword rips through flesh… all is lost. Shido stumbles through drunken battles against countless warriors in search of his way back to Bushido. Samurai underscored by a driving fusion of traditional Japanese and rock.

Sure to be a “Thriller”Collaborators: Kae Hashimoto Reed and Monk De La Vega (Musicians)


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